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We are a publicity firm that offers high-end client representation for talent, businesses, filmmakers, and film festivals for organizations of color. Owned by a Female Hispanic mother who understands the value of representation minorities and uplifting their talents with the proper representation to thrive in the community.


Meet Some of our Clients

 Gardenia Boutique 

The work ethic of Gardenia and her true care for her clients inspired me so much. She really cares and wants everyone to succeed. She is such a motivator and an inspiration to everyone working on achieving their dreams.- Jessica Abudaya, Owner

Black Cat San Francisco

Gardenia's incredible attention to detail and her ability to communicate with my staff as if she had been a Manager at my venue for years! It takes a special talent to be able to win over new people almost immediately and have them take direction with pleasure in order to create an unforgettable event for all my guests.- Ryan Lopez, GM

Mexican Regional Singer

Gardenia Zuniga & Associates team takes your personal preferences very seriously and delivers outstanding quality work. Gardenia really listened to what I wanted for the final product and delivered amazing results!- Verito Garcia, Singer

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