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Below The Surface Inspiration

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Have you seen virtually or in person a musical show that inspired you in ways you didn’t encounter before? I used to indulge in monthly concerts filled with crowds and endless fries while waiting for my Uber ride to go home in the middle of the night. Fast forward 2 years later, surviving a pandemic and being a first-time mother and I am indulging differently by watching LIVE concerts from the comfort of my home as my son falls asleep in my arms. Sounds quite different however it was so soothing hearing the latest concert by The Ensemble for These Times.

The Ensemble for These Times is an award-winning chamber music performance group that consists of three members plus regular guests. When I saw them last month, they were joined by guest violinist members that focuses on music from the 20th-21st century. To your surprise, I used to be in the orchestra growing up as a viola and cellist for eight years and played multiple musical pieces from the same eras which brought so many memories while watching their LIVE Stream concert.

Nanette McGuinness performing her solo. Photography by Colby Bond by

“Below The Surface: Music by Women Composers” was not only unique due to the performers and melodies but also inspired me in so many ways. I felt inspired to purchase a cello and start playing again, better yet, teach my son a percussion instrument other than his baby guitar or Cocomelon Xiolophone toy. As a fellow musician who felt that the only good years I had to perform music was my grade school competition, seeing these talented but also these talented professional women musicians perform music by women while still managing to juggle everything that women do in our lives gave me the inspiration that I can be on that stage too. Clearly, I will need a lot of practice if I decided to go for it but the inspiration the concert gave me was something beautiful while I was putting my 13-month-old to sleep.

I grew up thinking that once I was done with high school, I wouldn’t be performing for an audience again unless I continued to play through college which did not happen at all. Seeing the concert and feeling the passion these female composers had during each performance gave me the vision that I can have my career, be a mother, and also be a musician. Being a musician and composer does not have any age restrictions or limitations when it comes to performing.

I have been following the Ensemble for These Times on social media and have seen their growth with audiences like myself and I am excited for the next show that will be on April 9th which will also be hybrid if you want to attend in person or you can watch from home via Live stream like myself.

For more information on the next concert please visit their website at Ensemble for These Times

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