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DURAND BERNARR'S TINY DESK CONCERT Brings the Ultimate R&B Experience

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Gardenia Zuniga

While sitting on my desk going through my Press emails, I came across the latest The Purple Agencies Media Alert for Durand Bernarr’s Tiny Desk Concert and let me tell you that it set the tone for my weekend vibe with his concert funk.

My home office became a concert filled with soul, groove, sparkles and the R&B Vocals I needed to start my weekend. The band was representing the Proud Family followed by the grooviest of Durand Bernarr’s impeccable style and presence as he began his performance. The intro he delivered gave me the feels as I thought to myself, "Is this really a free concert?”

I felt like the concert was a combination of church and a glitter ball where Pray Tell (Billy Porter, POSE) starts announcing what song will Durand Bernarr perform next with his iconic mic presence. This concert was an experience I can enjoy from my computer at work or at home.

Bernarr brought the PRINCE energy with the Beyonce Renaissance essence we all need to experience. I felt that the overall performance is worth the money and the hype as he brought the energy for the entire 22-minute performance. He performed 9 powerful tracks followed by instrumental interpretation of “Melody,” while showing gratitude to everyone involved and everyone who joined this iconic milestone for him.

Tiny Desk has become a milestone for every music artist and Durand Bernarr can proudly claim that he has one of the most unique concerts, better yet experiences thus far.

As he continued his set, Bernarr told the Tiny Desk team, “I had to show on this platform I’m so much more than just R&B. I’m not meant to be understood; I’m meant to be experienced.”

Durand Bernarr frequently provided background vocals for neo-soul artist Erykah Badu and featured vocals for other artists such as Kaytranada, and The Internet, however this time, he was the main artist for Tiny Desk. He's come a long way from being back up vocalist to the main singer as he deserves the spotlight with his magical vocals and funky, groovy, and all of the sparkles on stage presence.

I have replayed his Tiny Desk concert a few times and I must say, Durand Bernarr is someone I can see winning across the Soul Train Awards and headlining Music Festivals like Blue Note Jazz Festival and much more. With the audience reaction to his Tiny Desk concert, it's guaranteed to say that Durand Bernarr is the rising star that is here to stay Loud and Proud.

Durand Bernarr Wanderlust is available on all streaming platforms.


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