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The Orphan is an album that delivers 90’s Hip-Hop Energy, relevant topics, and a dynamic playlist.

By Gardenia Zuniga


Marlon D returns for his 12th Solo album representing his energy, culture, and spitting facts to relevant topics most artists want to avoid touching base on.

Marlon D is the total malupít when it comes to delivering his music. On his newest album, The Orphan, we get a punch within the 21 tracks that bring back the 90’s Hip-Hop/ Rap energy that we all crave from today's music game.

His music does not talk about what's become the norm of Hip-Hop topics these days, such as bitches, strip clubs, and violence, but about relevant shit, listeners can relate to. Grey Skies is a track where he embraces the working-class citizen from America or the Philippines with a beat that takes you to a classic movie scene showcasing the Casanovas driving their car down Manila or old Hollywood.

Marlon D represents this Filipino heritage with his music, shows, and podcasts highlighting people of color working in the music industry. He has been in the music game for over a decade, in which he's perfomroed across California regions, Vegas, and much more, bringing the heat, the truth, and a dynamic playlist to keep your titas nodding their head to the beat.

You can listen to Marlon D The Orphan album on major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, & Tidal.

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